First Steps to Take After Purchasing a new BBQ grill

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Barbeques are an excellent way to enjoy with friends and family and enjoy sumptuous meals. You can get anything from a small portable BBQ for your balcony to an enormous stainless steel large new BBQ grill for your backyard. It depends on how often you would like to use it and which recipes you want to make.


Getting Your new BBQ grill Ready

You need to ensure that there is enough space for your outdoor grill setup. This can be done indoors or outdoors, depending on how much room you have available in your home or backyard. Now that you have purchased a new grill, you need to prepare it and learn to work it correctly and safely.


Register your New BBQ Grill

Always remember to register your product within 30 days of purchase. Registering your new BBQ grill with your dealer will ensure you get warranty protection. Registration allows you to get important updates and alerts about your grill, such as the manufacturer’s safety information and recall notices. Your grill may also be eligible for a free extended parts and labor warranty through the manufacturer if you register it. You will also receive occasional mail offers for new products, services, and special promotions from the manufacturer or its affiliates.

Inspect the Grill and Read Instructions

You must inspect your new grill immediately after removing it from the packaging. Then, read the manufacturer’s guide to help you in installation, cooking ideas and operation. The next step in the grill set up would be to assemble it correctly and ensure that everything is in place. Again, it will help if you read this guide carefully since it offers plenty of suggestions on using your new BBQ grill.


Remove any Protective Film and Clean the Grill

Certain parts of your new grill will like the lid, doors, and control panel will have a protective film. During the grill set up, remove any rust, dust, or grease. First, clean out all the burners in the grill and then wipe them with a cloth to remove any grease residue or other materials that may have accumulated on them. Any dirt or dust will affect the flavor of your food. Next, take a wire-bristle brush and get rid of any particles stuck to the grate.


Understanding the Control Knob Settings

New technology can be intimidating, even if everyone else already seems to understand it. If you want to feel comfortable with all the different settings, then take a few minutes during the barbeque setup to familiarize yourself with them now. The grill will come with an instruction manual telling you what each control setting does.


Preheating your New BBQ Grill

Preheating the grill is crucial. If you skip that step, the food will stick to the grate, and you’ll have to scrap it all off into the fire, wasting time and fuel and making a huge mess. So instead, brush the grates with the vinegar solution and scrub them clean. After that, you are ready to cook!


Get Cooking

Following these simple steps will guarantee you a fantastic first barbeque with your new BBQ grill. Following these simple steps will guarantee you a tremendous barbeque with your new grill.