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About Us

It was 2009 the vision quest began.  Paul Ricard, Grill Tanks Plus founder, thought to himself there was need for an outdoor lifestyle service company. Over a decade later, the company has grown exponentially into Palm Beach County’s premier outdoor lifestyle company covering everything from BBQ Grills for all budget types, Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ Grill Cleaning & Repair, Propane Tank Refill & Exchange, as well as a Propane Dispensing Station at our Boca Raton location.  The vision has come full circle to unfold and clients, contractors, as well as HOA’s, have a true one stop shop for all things related to outdoor lifestyles.



Palm Beach Grill Center offers most major BBQ Grill manufacturers. We carry Cart Grills, Built-in Grills, Smokers and more. Not only do we sell and deliver grills, but we also install and service them.


We not only sell grills but we offer every and any BBQ Grill Accessory from our Grill Store you could ever want. From Power Burners to Rotisories, from Grill Utensils to Grill Parts,


Our Company also designs and builds Outdoor Kitchens. We use only the finest in construction materials featuring Aluminum frameworks for which we offer lifetime guarantees.


South Florida may not be the coldest region in the world but there is a need for Patio Heaters. We have found this to be especially true in the commercial arena.


Over the course of a decade, Grill Tanks Plus, the founding company for Palm Beach Grill Center has serviced 1000’s of Weber Grills. In this time we’ve come to clearly see just how awesome their grills are.


At Palm Beach Grill Center we focus on brands that are truly at a high level of craftsmanship, longevity, and durability; DCS, therefore, is right at home with us.

Palm Beach Grill Center is thrilled to share its products with the Palm Beach County community, with over 12 years of expertise manufacturing grills accessories, and amazing outdoor kitchens and Grill store across the country. You’ve come to the perfect location whether you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen, barbeque grill, tiki hut, hibachi, patio furniture, or even just a fire feature to your backyard sanctuary. You’ll find a vast range of great outdoor kitchens, BBQ grills, fire pits, patio furniture, and more when you visit us as America’s largest producer of outdoor kitchens! Of course, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the large selection of outdoor kitchens and furniture because our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the best outdoor kitchen and accessories for your budget and interests.

Napoleon grills
Smoker Grills

Our knowledgeable and pleasant staff will assist you in designing your unique outdoor kitchen to meet your specific needs. Ask them any questions you have, and they’ll gladly answer them based on our 12 years of outdoor grilling experience. Out of all, the fascinating aspect of having an outdoor kitchen or grill is the ability to customize it to your specific tastes. At Palm Beach Grill Center, we take pleasure in making the process as simple as possible from beginning to end. Choose the unit that best suits your backyard space, add any enhancements you like, and we’ll take care of the rest. Allow us to show you how we turn your backyard into your own personal paradise. We have a variety of grills and BBQ grill supplies to suit your taste and budget. Also, inquire about our special financing options. So, what do you have to lose? Visit us today in Palm Beach County, Florida, to experience our outdoor kitchens!

Why should you go with Palm Beach Grill Center?

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen in Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Grill Center has a wide range of options. Allow us to demonstrate to you why we are the leader in outdoor grilling entertainment from superior craftsmanship to innovative features and production capacity. It’s never too late to transform your backyard into your ideal haven! We provide top-of-the-line yet budget-friendly outdoor kitchens to meet your every demand. So, what exactly are you waiting for? We take pleasure in being the friendliest and most knowledgeable company in the industry. Allow us to build a custom demonstration of what we can do in your backyard. We’ll provide you with a unique plan that meets your budget, style, and requirements. We are eager to help and show you why buying an outdoor kitchen from Palm Beach Grill Center is one of the best decisions you can make.

Napoleon Grills Phantom Rising

Here’s nothing like Elegant style and Exclusivity to blow your next Outdoor Cooking party guest’s away in awe as these grills not only bring a unique aesthetic quality to your outdoor kitchen but so to will the savory flavors created by the many exclusive features in the Phantom, Series Grills leave a mark in their memories as one of the finest outdoor cooking enthusiast events of all time. Available in 3 models and ready for delivery, Installation, and complete service plan packages to ensure your investment in this limited-time offer will remain a great Outdoor Kitchen or Lifestyle asset for years to come.

Palm Beach Grill Center & Grill Tanks Plus Google Reviews

One always takes a chance when ordering a service online, but I must say this was the best experience I ever had doing this. These people lived up to everything said about them…On time, professional, courteous, and did the best grill cleaning job I have ever seen…They “cleaned-up” after themselves meticulously. Don’t hesitate to use them!

John Martinelli


My gas grill needed a lot of work which I kept putting off not wanting to deal with trying to find a reliable company that would not cost me a fortune. Finally the need to grill outside forced me to do my research. All I can say is that I wish I had contacted Grill Tanks Plus sooner! The 2 men who repaired my grill were awesome! It looks and works as if it was new! All my dealings with the front office were handled politely and professionally. They maintained contact with me so I knew exactly when parts were in, what the cost would be and when I could expect the work to be completed. Thank you Grill Tanks Plus Steaks on the BBQ are delicious!!

Rona Kamenetsky


Grill Tanks plus always returns calls promptly and provides services the same day or next. Easy and professional and knowledgeable

Marissa Rahn


Another AWESOME service call… Thanks for making it safe for me to grill again 🙂

Aaron Diamond



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