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DCS 9 Series Grill and Components Outdoor Kitchens

DCS Grills and Gas Fire Products is a complete Outdoor Lifestyle product manufacturer founded in Surf City, Huntington Beach, California, the company has since gone international and has made major moves of late to make their pricing that much more competitive. Right upfront, we’d like to say, you will be hard-pressed to find a grill offering more for the money than DCS grills do.

A dream to create a premium experience for all outdoor entertaining was realized in 1989 when DCS pioneered the Premium Outdoor Grill as the world now knows it.– From DCS

Handcrafted DCS BBQ Grills

For Serious Outdoor Cooking Entusiasts!

Yes, that’s right we’re talking handcrafted for perfection made to meet the standards of even the most avid grilling enthusiasts, DCS Fire Products are of the truly elite standard. What makes them extraordinary is the price points this manufacturer of Gas Fire Products managed to work out for their Outdoor Kitchen products. They sit in their own price point unique from all other brands delivering all the best features you could think of; from only the highest grade stainless steels to the exquisite care poured into the crafting of these grills, longevity, and performance are sure to satisfy!

DCS Outdoor Kitchen components

Outdoor Kitchen Components

DCS doesn’t just stop at making grills however, they also make every possible product you might need for an outdoor kitchen. You have side burners, griddles, power burners, cabinetry with doors and drawers, refrigerators, and garbage cans all made with the beautiful aesthetic qualities we’ve come to love from DCS. In our city Delray Beach Florida Grills, have a hard time, but DCS products stand up to the salty humidity like the best of them!

Palm Beach Grill Center Delray Beach Florida

DCS Grills at Palm Beach Grill Center

We have been providing service delivered by Grill Tanks Plus, our mother company, for a decade. Certified by the brand you can be sure our subsidiary Palm Beach Grill Center has the know-how and skills to get you a complete DCS Products Outdoor Kitchen designed and built; no job is too big or too small for us. Just pick up the phone and make your call for the best in class service. Our very own outdoor kitchen specialist Michael Mingo, will have you up and running in no time flat! Have a look at just one of his recent builds!



outdoor kitchen made by palm beach grill center with DCS products design phase



Outdoor Kitchen by Palm Beach Grill Center

As you can see from this completion, we had some mid-job changes occur; no problem, we’re perfectly fluid in our work and can evolve as your mind evolves making whatever changes you might like to see in your outdoor kitchen a reality. Now, that you’re here, you know you have nowhere else you need to look; for we are the premier Ouroodr Lifestyle One-stop-shop you’ve been dreaming of.

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