Barbecue Grills – Should You Wrap Your Meat?

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There are several questions on how to prepare your meat for grilling. Some of them include: Should you sauce the brisket? What quantity of ingredients should you add? How should you wrap your meat, brisket, etc.? While these questions can be trickish, Palm Beach Grill Center has compiled a guide that will answer some of your questions.  Are you looking for an “outdoor kitchen near me”? We’re an outdoor kitchen store in Palm Beach County, specializing in the installation and servicing of barbecue grills and kitchen sales. 


Understanding Barbecue Grills

Before you make your purchasing decision, you need to consider the type of grill you want, how it’s powered, etc. Let’s take a look at some of these grill types:

  • Gas Grills: These grills are usually used at home due to their low cost and ease of operation. They’re designed to heat food fast while controlling the temperature with knobs. Ideal for chicken, vegetables, and fish, gas grills are of two types, propane and natural gas grills. If you’re looking for the lowest maintenance gas grill, the natural gas option will be a suitable one.
  • Charcoal Grills: Do you want that dark crust on your steak? You might want to consider a charcoal grill. Though it takes time to heat and assemble, these grills are cost-effective and burn slowly, giving your food a natural taste. There are various sizes and forms of charcoal grills offered by an “outdoor kitchen near me.”
  • Electric Grills: Powered by electricity, this option works best in areas where gas or charcoal aren’t allowed. If you’re an occasional griller or live in an apartment, this will be the right choice for you.
  • Portable Grills: These grills are built for easy carriage, allowing you to experiment with your cooking skills anywhere. Are you going on a camping trip? This is the perfect grill for you.


Should You Wrap Your Meat?

Are you planning to treat yourself and your loved ones to some tasty barbecue? You’re probably confused if you should wrap or unwrap your meat. While wrapping and unwrapping have their pros and cons, it’s your choice to make. Do you like your meat smoky with thicker, drier bark? You can decide to cook it unwrapped. If you like the bark crispy, you can wrap your meat and make it smoky. 


What Are The Various Options For Wrapping Meat?

  • Aluminum Foil: Ideal for beginners, this method is relatively easy and speeds up the cooking process, though the bark will be moist and soft after cooking.
  • Butcher Paper: Like foil, the pink butcher paper hastens the cooking time while allowing smoke to get to the meat. This makes the meat tastier with drier bark.
  • Naked: You can decide to grill your meat unwrapped. This method will prolong the cooking time, make the meat prone to drying out with a distinctive bark. On the other hand, if you enjoy the smoky taste, you might decide to grill your meat naked.


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