There are many dual infrared burner versions available in the market.

But to pick out the most reliable one, you can have and try out this Built-In 700 Series Dual Infrared Burner:

Benefits Offered by Built-In 700 Series Dual Infrared Burner

Keep in mind that this one is an 18-inch dual burner. Or you can say that it comes in the form of a drop-in Infrared SIZZLE ZONE? burner.

To make succulent steaks, this is the right burner option that you should be going for.

It manages to bring restaurant-quality perfection on your meals. This burner is made by using marine-grade stainless steel.

For your custom outdoor kitchen zone, this is a suitable recommendation for you

It is injected with maintenance-free 7.5-mm cooking grids and operates on the JETFIRE? instant ignition system.

Lastly, this burner is installed with ergonomic NIGHTLIGHT? control knobs and successfully gives you utmost ambiance and safety,

Package Included

1 x Built-In 700 Series Dual Infrared Burner

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Propane