If you lack a grill cart in your kitchen, then do not get worried at all. We have one great product for you and it is this 30″ CSS Grill Cart.

You can see that this is a DCS Freestanding Grill and it is combined with the presence of a DCS Grill head unit and even comes with the transportable DCS Cart.

Uses Offered by 30″ CSS Grill Cart

You can get your hands on this versatile DCS Cart because it is made in a way to suit and fulfill your grilling needs. It can easily get attached to your 30″ grill head.

If you think that your outdoor kitchen is not getting that compact and refined look and your grill station looks incomplete, then have this grill cart right now.

This is an ideal outdoor kitchen solution!

Package Included

1 x 30″ CSS Grill Cart