There are many reasons that may convince you to buy and try out this 30″, Series 9, Griddle, LP Gas. It is designed exclusively.

Furthermore, this griddle has got a stylish and cohesive design element in it.

Rest, more of the details of its features are given below to you:

Features and USPs of 24″, Series 9, Griddle

This griddle allows a seamless installation job. It serves unified operations right from ignition to dial illumination phases.

No doubt, this respective griddle is safe and convenient to use. Its clean-up process is not time-consuming as it has a removable and slide-out drip tray.

Lastly, this griddle has a heavy-duty build injected into it. It can withstand and tolerate high temperatures.

This griddle has the tendency to bear and work well in all types of weather conditions.

Its plate is made by using durable and 8mm thick 304 stainless steel material.

Package Included

1 x 30″, Series 9, Griddle

Gas Types