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Propane Tank Storage

Propane Tank Storage is something every grill cooking enthusiast has thought about. People go on trips, and often barbecue only seasonally. So this leaves a period of months where the tank isn’t going to be used and the question, therefore, becomes a good one. Leaving a tank exposed in the elements isn’t going to cut it of course, and those who ask this question often have more than one tank anyways. It is the purpose of this article to educate readers on proper propane tank storage and safety.

propane tank storage

Tank Storage In General

In general, you want to keep tanks outside in a well-ventilated area. However, be sure to keep the elements from having their way with the tank. One way is shown in the above image. Propane tank holder rings are a great way to not only keep the tank of the ground where water cant corrode its base but these double as a safe way to transport tanks in your car as well. Other ways to keep the tank off the ground include cinder blocks or slabs of wood. A bit of rain on the tank won’t hurt it. Its the constant ground moisture that coming from the ground that will rust the tank up. That’s why these devices help a lot to slow the decomposition of the tanks.

Do not store tanks, unless completely empty, inside your home. Nor would you store them in the basement as the ventilation is inadequate. Another bad spot would be the attic since attic temperatures can soar to dangerous heights. Always be sure the valve on the tank is completely shut off as well.

Winter Time Tank Storage

Cold temperatures can be an issue with propane tank storage. In very cold temperatures water vapor becomes less prevalent and so the pressure in your tank drops causing it to likely malfunction. It can be easier also to freeze your tank up when in use; though usually, that will be because of a leak however slight. Still, the colder temperature will only make it more likely to freeze and in this case you want to leave the tank alone until it defrosts. When not in use do not through a tarp over your tanks to keep them from the elements. This will only increase insulation and the cold temperature will, therefore, become more of a likely issue. It would be best to buy a tank cage to store them in, but as noted earlier in the post you can build such a structure yourself using cinder blocks and wood.

Propane Tank Safety Concerns

At Palm Beach Grill Center we come across many out of date propane tanks. This can be dangerous as tanks are only made to last 12 years. After 12 years the integrity of the tank can be compromised and the chances of leakage increase drastically. It’s important to make sure your grill cylinder certification is up-to-date. All grill cylinders require re-certification 12 years from the date it was manufactured, and every 5 years after that.

For more information on re-certifying your propane tank, contact us!

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