What Makes A Pellet Grill Special?

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Do you wonder what makes a pellet grill special? Pellet grills are sometimes referred to as pellet smokers, and they are outdoor cookers that utilize gas grills, charcoal, and kitchen ovens. They are becoming increasingly popular on the grilling and BBQ scene. They can smoke, grill, and even bake using an electric control panel to fuel pellets to the fire and regulate airflows with consistent cooking temperatures. Now that you are here, be rest assured that all your doubts on pellet grills are addressed in this article. A pellet grill is the best choice for the perfect BBQ. Palm Beach Grill Center is always here to give you the best. 

What Makes A Pellet Grill Special – Smoking Or Grilling?

Pellet grills can perform both functions because they have more in common with conventional ovens because of the wood-burning known with ovens. However, ovens fill the room with smoke which a pellet grill doesn’t because of the controlled temperature. The pellet grill has a lower temperature; the heat is usually indirect, enabling you to cook more significant amounts of meat and larger quantities for a more extended period. In pellet grills, the food is not directly exposed to the fire, and the repressed pellets produce smoke in the burn pot and at low temperatures.

Can You Sear On Pellet Grills? 

Food is majorly seared when they are in direct contact with heat, blackened, or burned due to direct heat. Imagine the sizzling of a burger when it hits a hot frying pan directly or a grill grate placed on a charcoal or wood fire. On pellet grills, there is no violent encounter with the heat. Recently, manufacturers have increased the temperature pellet grills are capable of producing to about 650 degrees that enable searing directly. So, you can sear on pellet grills. Pellet grills like a Traeger smoker recommend covering the heat diffuser plate with heavy-duty aluminum foil before cooking to make the process of cleaning up easier. 

Are Pellet Grills Portable?

Pellet grills are now portable, though they sometimes weigh around fifty pounds. It is definitely not something you can put behind your back like a bag. Significantly, all pellet grills rely solely on electricity to power their ignition system and a digital controller, including the augur that aids delivery to the burn pot. They can equally be powered by batteries, car and boat batteries, and gas-powered generators. One of the unique advantages pellet grills offer is that they are suitable for camping, festivals, excursions, and many more. They are great for barbecue competitions, especially pit boss, due to their versatility in cooking various foods.

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