Can a Weber Grill Be Used As A Smoker?

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While the Weber grill can be quite costly, it is the ideal machine for everything barbecue-related. So, can you use the Weber grill as a smoker? The answer is yes! From grilling, baking, roasting, to smoking, that’s the go-to grill!

If you can get gadgets and BBQ mods for this process, well and good. But if you wish to spend as little as possible with almost the same result, we have some feasible ideas for you.


Cost-effective options for smoking on your Weber grill

  1. Pile the coals

With a dozen coal pieces, you can smoke your grill. Stack the coals on the side of your grill and keep that chicken on the opposite side. Consider a wood chunk; one or two work fine for that traditional BBQ taste!

For every sixty minutes, keep adding unlit charcoal. For the arrangement, the unlit pieces (twelve or more) should go in first, then go for the lit ones (preferably four), and to top the stack is the wood chunk.

Watch out for the thin and blue smoke to place your meat for smoking. Finally, you can have your smoked meat with no additional investments! However, it’s tedious to keep adding unlit coal, and you cannot separate the heat source from the food.


  1. Use a Weber charcoal basket

If these baskets are one of your Weber grill parts, they are useful for grilling and lighting coal and a great smoking asset. Put one of the baskets on one side of the grill and bank unlit coal until full. Then top up to five to six coal pieces and finally, a wood chunk for the rich taste! Keep adding the briquettes in reasonable periods.


  1. The fuse method

Also known as the snake method, you may love it. On the outer part of your grill, make a long fuse of unlit charcoal all around it. Ensure to create two or three layers going up. Put small wood chunks at the top of the unlit charcoal. Add four or five lit briquettes to one of the fuse’s ends to start smoking. Install your meat at the middle of the trail of a C or U shape. However, if you intend to smoke ribs, you may not achieve that delicious taste you wish for. For butts or shoulders, they are good to go!


  1. Consider getting the smokenator

With these smoker grills, approximately six inches of space is left for the briquettes. The rest is an opening for your meat! It also features a water pan, although it is quite tiny. You may find it ideal as it separates the heat source and food.


  1. Use the slow ‘n’ sear.

If you wish for an accessory that beats the smokenator at its game, that is the slow ‘n’ sear. It holds more water and is effortless for use during smoking. For as long as eight to ten hours, it can hold the required temperature. Besides, it can get the job done from smoking, high heat grilling, and indirect grilling. Most vintage weber grill owners consider it for shielding heat.

Adding some elements to your Weber grill model for functionality is a great idea. However, for a perfect solution and an ever-ready smoking accessory, consider the Weber pellet grill. With a temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees, it is the ultimate grill for ribs, steaks, burgers, pizzas, and more. The wood-fired pellet grill also comes with a porcelain-enamel finish.