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We love Napoleon grills for good reason. Yes, their products are truly unique and made to meet elite standards, but what really makes them shine in our eyes is their humble origin story. Here you would surely find great inspiration to take charge and as it has been said; seize the day! Much like our own story, Napoleon was built from the ground up and from very little. Great determination, pride, and ingenuity, while focusing on the number one most important fundamental, place customers before your pockets, are all typically the driving forces behind such corporate success stories. The above video is their story as we see it, and here in this post, we will further have a look at how it all came to be.

Entrepreneurs, behold … Napoleon Grills.

In The Begining

Wolfgang Schroeter, in 1976 founded his steel fabrication business in Barrie, Ont with just 5 employees. Very little planning as to what would be fabricated was deployed, he knew only that he would deliver the highest quality products and customer services and in this serve his own community. Very quickly, the local farmers needing steel frameworks to enclose their lands took notice and this sustained Wolfgang for some time. It was not long after that, that a new opportunity sprang up to manufacture a wood-burning stove for his father in law. Little did he know at the time, this was the humble origin of the great Canadian corporate success, and the beginning of Napoleon’s focus on Gas Fire Products such as furnaces, fireplaces, and later BBQ Grcooking enthusiastills.

Here’s a bit more of that origin story straight from Wolfgang’s own son and current CO CEO of Napoleon Grills …

“Later, my dad was the first person to put a single piece of glass into a wood stove so that you could see the fire. This was unique because, at the time, stoves just had solid plate doors at the front. Initially, he got laughed at, because the glass would get dirty. But when he figured out a way to clean the glass using an air-wash system, my father was the one laughing back!”

Co-CEO Stephen Schroeter

Yes! That’s the spirit that rings true and threw the many vast corridors of their great Fire Products manufacturing plant. It turns out seeing beyond the boundaries, beyond the ordinary was apply inherent to the Schroeter family name, blood, and spirit; to this day it’s what compels that innovation we all know Napoleon Grills for! So it was, the company was off and running never looking back! Here’s the full video interview by Canadian Business.

Napoleon Grills – Forward


Napoleons 5 Year Strategy and the Doubling of Revenue

The turn of the 21st century marked the beginning of much more growth for the company and in 2013 a new goal was established that would end up being more than met. Let’s hear about it straight from the horse’s mouth.

“In 2013, we set out to double the company in five years. It was a pretty lofty goal, but we met it on schedule. We had about 800 associates, and now we’re up to 1,600. Sixty percent of our revenue now comes from international sales, which is quite amazing for a small Canadian manufacturing company.

Our goal is to hit 30 percent of sales every year with new products. It’s a tough goal, but it really drives our company forward.

We have three main divisions in our company: wood stoves, gas grills and HVAC systems. We have a research and development department for each segment. They have a 100-percent focus on new products, and that’s a strong reason why we release so many new products every year.”

It’s quite apparent this company aims high as do we; again, it’s why we’ve taken so much time with their brand. We’re truly honored to be, in our own small way, a part of their continuing success story.

Napoleon Grills – Current Day


A Direct Look at the Napoleon Grills We Stock

Finally, the question to be answered: what’s Napoleon up to today? Let,s begin with another quote directly from Stephen Schroeter.

“In August 2018, my brother [Christopher] and I were named co-CEOs of the company. It’s a big change for us, now that our parents have retired. My brother and I are trying to take it from a family-run business with two decision-makers to more of a professionally-run company. Chris mainly looks after operations and research and development; we have a president, who is very strong in finance and in managing the teams; and my forte is sales and marketing. I call the three of us a trifecta of power, and it really works. I struggle to think that one person can actually run an entire company, and be good at every single segment of the business.”

Here we see that strong sense of community and company spirit all working together in unison to drive the brand onward! Just more confirmation that Napoleon Grills is the type of company we would greatly admire. Teamwork has always been a major part of our workflows and development processes. Now that your quite familiar with the brand let’s have a look at some of our favorite Napoleon Grills Gas Fire Products.

Palm Beach Grill Centers Favorite Napoleon Grill Selections

Napoleon Grills brought to you by Palm Beach Grill Center

Our Currently Stocked Napoleon Grills

While these are the grills we stock, we are unlimited in what we can get from the brand. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we will order, deliver, assemble & test your new grill to be sure it’s perfectly ready for you to begin cooking with!

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