The Best Way To Use Wood Pellets With Your Charcoal Grill

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Are you considering using wood pellets when grilling? Indeed, it does sound like a fantastic idea; however, some might consider this quite a task. It is why Palm Beach Grill Center, which happens to be one of the best BBQ grill stores in Palm Beach County, will be using this article to enlighten you on how to make use of wood pellets with your charcoal grill in an efficient manner. Wood pellets are a pure form of natural fuel. Unlike the usual standard wood logs with back and dirt particles, wood pellets come free of those, producing better results because they burn purely. Interestingly, they come at a more affordable rate than wood log, lump charcoal, and other varieties. So, read more below!


What To Know Before Using Wood Pellets When Grilling

First and foremost, wood pellets are a product of mixed wood shavings and sawdust that have undergone compression through an agent. They come in a form or a small bullet shape but are very effective upon use. So many ideas will come flooding into your mind when you plan to make use of wood pellets. Especially when you’re thinking of how using wood pellets can improve your grilling.


How To Use Wood Pellets When Grilling

The following are the ways to use wood pellets for grilling:

Combine The Pellets With Charcoal And Mix Them: It’s okay to make use of pellets on a charcoal grill; as long as it’s the pellet meant for barbeque, you should be fine. I’m not trying to say you can’t use pellets alone for your grill, but it works efficiently with charcoal to ensure the heat temperature remains constant.


Set Up Your Grill With A Chimney Starter: Now it’s time to get the grill lit up; make sure you use a chimney starter for the process. Transfer the lit coal to the grill. Cover the grill with the lid but keep the vents open.


Add Wood Pellets To The Mix: Once the grill is heated correctly, add pellets to the charcoal. It is essential to add a small layer of pellets to the coal to produce the right flavor. A half-cup quantity should do the trick. The moment the pellets start burning up brightly, you know it’s time to begin cooking.


Keep Vents Open Ajar: Once the meal is cooking, close the lid and keep the vents open ajar. Use a grill meter to know when the lid needs to be open or close.


Use Pellet Tube Smokers: The Pellet tube smoker contains the right amount of pellets before being placed over the lit coal. Due to the compactly packed pellets in the tube smoker, it helps them produce a stronger smoke flavor for the food.


What To Benefit From Using Wood Pellets

Like the charcoal that emits harmful substances to the atmosphere when burning, wood pellets are quite the opposite. Since it is a sawdust product, it poses no harm to the environment, making it eco-friendly.


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