Which Traeger Wifi Grills Have Wifi and How It’s Useful When Cooking

Traeger wifi

Grilling is fun. You can do it almost anywhere; on a boat, in a field, even in your living room. Traeger grills come with a long list of features, but the most important one is that they make food that tastes great. You can set your Traeger wifi to cook low and slow at night while you’re sleeping, then wake up to food that’s already cooked. It saves fuel, waste, and wear and tear on your stove.


New Traeger Grills with Built-in WiFi

Newer Traeger Gen 2 Pro Series models, Traeger Ironwood and Timberline models have WiFi connectivity, allowing you complete control remotely from the couch. The Traeger Gen 2 Pro Series includes Pro 575 and Pro 780 models, with Traeger Ironwood including Ironwood 650 and 885 models. The Timberline has the Timberline 850 Timberline 1300 models. You can either use the WiFi controller from the Traeger App on your smartphone or use your smartwatch via the Apple Watch interface to control your grill.


Better Functionalities with Traeger wifi

The quality and performance of Traeger grill wifi make the grill perfect for hosting backyard parties and get-togethers with friends. Traeger grills combine the best, most popular features of other grills into a single, easy-to-use grill you’ll want to use every time you have people over.


Remotely Control Your Grill from Anywhere

You can control the temperature of your grill, set a timer, and check on the cooks without going outside. The Wifi feature in a Traeger Smoker will allow you to take control of your grill from anywhere. You can check the temperature of your grill, use your phone to monitor and control the temperature inside your grill, and even receive notifications if anything begins to go wrong with your grill. To take full advantage of the features offered by Traeger Wifi, make sure that you are close enough to maintain a consistent connection with your grill. The Traeger Smoker controls are also easy to use and maintain.


Tastier Barbeques

The Traeger grill wifi will give tastier barbeques because of the ability to control the grill and check on the cooks quickly. The ability to control and check on cook from a distance is good for two reasons. First, it allows you to cook with less wood, saving you money over time. Second, seeing what’s going on inside your grill will give you better tasting food.

Another thing that makes Traeger wifi grills terrific compared to other brands is a temperature probe inside. So every time you are making some meat or fish, you can check its temperature and make sure it isn’t burning or overcooking.


How Much Does a Traeger Grill Cost?

The Traeger Ironwood 650 and 885 models are $1,399.99 and $1,599.99, respectively. With the Gen 2 Pro Series, the Pro 575 and Pro 780 go for $899.99 and $999.99, respectively. The Timberline 850 costs $1,999.99, while the Timberline 1300 is $2,199.99.


Embrace Better with Traeger wifi

The app is a lot easier to use than a basic remote. If you want to upgrade your old grill or replace an old one with a new one, you need to get the Traeger wifi for some great tasting food on your next cookout.