What Materials Are Stainless Steel Grills Made Of?

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The grills of today are made of five main materials; Stainless steel, cast iron, sheet metal, enamel, and brick.

These are the best materials for grilling as they easily heat up.

As much as we have five different kinds of grills, most people prefer purchasing stainless steel grills. This is because this stainless steel is strong and resilient. It is also durable and it provides a good heat transfer.

Other types of grills include cast iron grills, brick grills, enamel grills, and sheet metal grills. If you are planning on buying a grill please contact Palm Beach Grill Center for the best grill options. We are a renowned grill manufacturer offering a wide range of grill products to esteemed customers.


The Five Main Materials Used In Grills


Brick is a common material used to make the famous brick grills. DIY home grill builders use bricks to make brick grills. A brick grill is also known as a barbecue pit. This grill has an open and exposed grilling grate.

It also has a concrete slab foundation that is layered with bricks. Brick grills are usually set up in a rectangular U-shape. The builders layer the bricks with mortar using traditional masonry techniques.

The central part of a brick grill has an elevated grill grate for placing wood or charcoal. Both grates can either be made using cast iron or steel.


Sheet Metal

This is another favorite material for DIY grill makers. Sheet metal is usually constructed to take the shape of an oil drum. Also, there are instances where actual oil drums have been used to make grills.

These metal grills are commonly found in South and Southwestern regions of America. For ventilation purposes, sheet metal grills come installed with a stovepipe and a door vent.

The oil drum-shaped grill is normally set on top of metal pipes. Sheet metal grills have grates made of steel or cast iron. Lastly, these grills use wood or charcoal as a source of heat.


Cast Iron

Cast iron grills originated from Asia and they are commonly known as Hibachi grills. Hibachi is a Japanese name that means fire bowl. The traditional cast iron grills are small and rectangular in shape.

In Asian cultures, the hibachi grill was used to chargrill vegetables and to cook chicken and thinly sliced meats. For now, cast iron grills are common among people living in apartments in the United States. This is because apartments have limited outdoor space and also this grill is small and portable.



Enamel grills became popular after George Stephen introduced the Weber Grill to the world. This introduction took place in the early 1950s. A classic Weber Grill resembles a big black circle that is covered using a flip-top lid. This classic look of the Weber Grill is known as Kettle.

The first enamel grills only used charcoal. However, in today’s world, some new versions of the enamel grills are operated using propane gas. Also, they come in different styles and shapes aside from the classic kettle.


Stainless Steel

The newest among all grill materials is stainless steel. Nearly all gas grills today are made using this material. You are likely to find stainless steel grills in commercial mobile grill enterprises and restaurants.

Stainless steel grills are loved by many because of the convenience that is provided by propane gas. If you are looking for a classy grill for your high-end kitchen go for a stainless steel grill.


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