Replacing Or Buying A New Grill

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If you are replacing or buying a new grill, the Alfresco grill company offers the best luxury grills that money can buy. With three burners, 82K BTU output, and 660 square inches of grilling area, this is a grill meant for serious cooks. Our grill experts at the Palm Beach Grill Center in Del Ray, FL are here to show you everything Alfresco grills have to offer.

Replacing Or Buying A New Grill 

It is hard to call Alfresco products “grills”, when in reality they are more like “outdoor kitchens”, offering all of the accessories and details demanded by professional chefs. Alfresco offers every component needed to prepare, cook, plate, and serve world-class meals. The large assortment of integrated products includes side burners, deep-fryers, smokers, outdoor fridges, ice coolers, storage drawers, trash cans, and so much more. Let Palm Beach Grill Center in Del Ray, FL help you understand all of the Alfresco options and together, our team can help you design a custom outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of all of your guests.

The Benefits of Infrared

Traditional grills cook via convection, where the inside of the grill is filled with heat. However, the best modern grills cook via infrared radiant heat. The major benefits of infrared heat technology are that grills can reach higher temperatures, achieve these temperatures with speed and precision, all while using half of the gas. The Alfresco grills feature an exclusive Infrared Sear Zone, which delivers the intense heat needed to instantly caramelize your meats, sealing in the flavor. The grill can reach 1500 degrees in just four minutes.

But don’t let the intense heat scare you. The exclusive Safe Touch and Hood-Assist features keep the intense heat directed towards your food, and away from your hands resting on the control panel and hood. This is just one example of Alfresco technology bringing you unrivaled cooking abilities, along with world-class safety.

Made in the USA Quality

Alfresco grills are manufactured in southern California, using the finest materials. The double-walled stainless steel used to craft an Alfresco grill is the same found in indoor industrial kitchens. All seams on the grill are welded, not riveted, to ensure long-term structural soundness. Each Alfresco grill goes through a quality control process that is unrivaled by international competition. The company stands behind its products, offering a lifetime warranty on its stainless steel parts. Should any of the active components require replacing over the grill’s life, Alfresco replacement parts are easy to find and easy to install, making grill upkeep a breeze. Palm Beach Grill Center is a certified service center for several brands, so visit us if you need help replacing grill parts.

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If you are replacing or buying a new grill, the Alfresco product line should be at the top of your list to check out. Come to our showroom at Palm Beach Grill Center in Del Ray, FL to see for yourself what quality, made in the USA, Alfresco outdoor kitchens have to offer. Backed by our parent company, Grill Tank Plus, our store has over ten years of experience in delivering the best grills in southern Florida.