Best Grilling Accessories

With summer activities comes pool parties, beach getaways, playing sports in the backyard and of course, barbecues. Whether you’re feeding five or fifty, you want a grill that’s going to keep up. And with that, the best grill accessories around so you can enjoy grilling just as much as your guests will enjoy the food. Here at Palm Beach Grill Center, we are all things grill! From gas grills to charcoal, and all the necessary grill accessories you need. We are your one-stop-shop!

Grilling Accessories 101

You already know the basic accessories for your grill, like spatulas, brushes, tongs, skewers, and more. Being prepared and ready to grill means you have all the essentials necessary before the big day. It’s important to have a collection of sturdy tools to keep your grill running smoothly. Having longer-handled utensils makes it safer and easier to reach all the meats cooking on the grill, even in high heat. And a slotted spatula helps prevent scalding food drippings or grease to land or splash on your guests while serving food. Strong, sturdy spatulas, tongs and meat forks will help you grab cooking meats easier without having to worry about your grilling tools not being able to handle the heat of the grill. Some grilling tools have been combined to help serve you better, such as a spatula with serrated edges for cutting, plus a small fork on one end for grabbing meat. It’s basically like a swiss army knife in a grilling spatula, and can help you grill with ease, not having to reach for five different tools at once.

Turn Up The Heat

If you want to take your next barbecue up to the next level, there are more grill accessories to help you with that. Smoker boxes filled with wood chips are a great way to smoke some meats while still utilizing your gas grill. It can greatly expand your cooking and grilling repertoire in no time. A lot of smoker dishes simply aren’t doable on a standard grill, but not any longer with these smoker boxes. They are easy to use and the wood chips deliver a smoky, flavorful experience without any additives. If you’ve been craving apple, cherry, or hickory-smoked grilled goods, the wait is over. BBQ griddles can also easily transform your simple gas grill to a multi-functional hot spot for breakfast or hibachi grilling! The high heat from this flat top accessory is perfect for cooking eggs, sausage, bacon, and hash browns. Or if you’re planning dinner, you can stir fry with ease, or even do a reverse-sear on a piece of meat, giving it that all-over crust that is to die for.

Safety First!

And you want to ensure you, the griller, are protected with the best tools for the grill too. This can include wearing gloves to avoid burns, and a stylish yet effective apron. BBQ aprons and gloves offer a combination of safety and style, all while giving you the unofficial title of “Grill Master”. There are many different types of aprons available, but look for one that’s more durable and resistant to burns and spilled grease instead of a thin, cotton apron. And wearing high-heat gloves will help protect your arms and forearms during any searing sessions and handling grilling tools. Grill accessories should also include any cleaning brushes and other tools necessary to keep your grill shining bright and squeaky clean.

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