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Grilling in South Florida is always in season. Friends and families love to spend time grilling outside, enjoying the weather while gathering for a holiday, a birthday party, or just enjoying each other’s company. A dependable grill, that you can rely on, or a full outdoor kitchen. is a big part of the outdoor lifestyle in Florida.


Palm Beach Grill Center has been a preferred & certified service agent for most popular brands like Weber, Lynx, and Solaire for years and have a long list of other brands that we are certified to repair under brand warranty programs. These certifications truly make us your one-stop-dependable-shop. Have peace of mind when you purchase your grill or outdoor kitchen with Palm Beach Grill Center; we service all grill types and brands.

Genesis II S-435 Gas Grill

Brand Warranty Purchase Programs / Certified Service Agent

  • Alfresco
  • Blaze
  • Coyote
  • DCS
  • Delta Heat
  • Edgestar
  • Kalamazoo
  • Lynx
  • Summerset
  • Twin Eagles
  • Viking
  • Vintage
  • XO

Our repair technicians are thoroughly trained by not only our senior staff members but by our brands as well. In this, they acquire brand-specific knowledge straight from the actual manufacturers of that product. We consider it crucial. With an ever-changing technological landscape, our guys are not only initially certified, but they also have to continue being re-certified year after year.

Grilling Greatness: Explore BBQ Types Tailored to Tastes!

Dive into the world of BBQ Grill Types with Palm Beach Grill Center! Each type offers a unique grilling adventure, promising flavors as diverse and exciting as the grills themselves. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a casual weekend griller, there’s a grill type that perfectly matches your needs and palate. 

Get ready to explore!

Built-In Gas & LP Grills

Built-in Gas & LP grills are seamless additions to your outdoor space, providing a sleek, high-performance grilling experience. 

Dive into built-in brilliance!

Freestanding Gas & LP Grills

Versatile and powerful, Freestanding Gas & LP Grills offer the ultimate convenience for grill enthusiasts on the move. 

Start your free standing flavor journey now!

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Portable Gas Grills

Unleash the potential of grilling anywhere with Portable Gas Grills. Compact, efficient, and designed for adventure, these grills are perfect companions for spontaneous outings and flavorful memories.

Explore portable perfection and grill on the go!

Kamodo Grills

Experience ancient grilling mastery with modern Kamodo Grills, unlocking unique flavors with precise temperature control. With Kamodo, each grilling session is an exploration of taste and culinary tradition.

Dive in and taste the legacy!

Pellet Grills

Dive into the smoky, rich world of Pellet Grills. These grills offer unmatched flavor consistency and control, creating a perfect environment for both grilling and smoking delights.

Immerse yourself in the world of pellet precision!

Charcoal Grill

Relish the timeless, smoky charm of Charcoal Grills, bringing the classic BBQ taste right to your plate. Ignite your charcoal passion and savor the tradition!

Explore Now!

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Electric Grills

Savor the convenience of Electric Grills, providing a hassle-free, efficient grilling solution for quick, delightful meals. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, they bring ease to grilling. Plug into convenience and let the electric flavor fest begin!

Discover More Today!

BBQ Smokers

Unlock deep, tantalizing flavors with BBQ Smokers, turning each meal into a smoky delicacy. Unveil the magic of smoke and enhance your grilling game!

Find your flavor with BBQ Smokers!

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Craft authentic, crispy, and irresistible pizzas with Outdoor Pizza Ovens. These ovens recreate the magic of Italian pizzerias, turning your backyard into a hub of culinary delight. Explore and indulge in pizza perfection!

Taste the Tradition!

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Outdoor Deep Fryers

Crispy, golden, and irresistibly tasty, Outdoor Deep Fryers are your ticket to delightful fried treats in the comfort of your backyard. 

Dive into the crispy goodness!

Uncover the Grilling Magic!

Embark on a unique grilling adventure with these outstanding BBQ Grill Types, each promising a burst of flavor and joy. Choose the grill that resonates with your taste and lifestyle, and let the grilling begin. For more detailed insights and to explore a wide range of options, click through and immerse yourself in the grilling paradise at Palm Beach Grill Center!


Palm Beach Grill Center is backed by its parent company Grill Tanks Plus. Our enterprise has over a decade of experience and a combined 5 star review count of well over 300. As South Florida’s premier BBQ grill industry leader, of course we’re certified to sell just about any brand you can name. Below we show just a hand full of our favorite brands.

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Palm Beach Grill Center want you to know that we are here if you need any kind of grilling service or outdoor kitchen design service. Stop searching for ‘bbq grills near me’ because we have all kinds of grills and you are sure to find the perfect one for you. Call or visit us today in Palm Beach County for more information.