Outdoor Kitchens in Palm Beach

Outdoor Kitchens in Palm Beach

Living in sunny Florida, you love soaking up the sunny, warm summers every year. Even year round the temperature is nice enough for many outdoor adventures and get-togethers. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen in Palm Beach but have always dreamed of one, what are you waiting for? Summer is already under way and the perfect time to have pool parties and barbecues in your own outdoor kitchen grill. Palm Beach Grill Center will work with you on creating the perfect backyard getaway for your next dinner with friends.


Things To Consider

Your budget for the project should always be first and foremost in your patio kitchen in Palm Beach. Figure out how much you can comfortably spend, and stick to it. You can always set aside a small amount for emergencies or if issues arise, but you shouldn’t use it for personal upgrades or anything along those lines. Never go beyond your budget as things can always happen, which an emergency fund can help cover in those situations. Really take in your outdoor space and plan it as thoroughly as possible for your best outdoor kitchen set up. Take into consideration items like square footage of your total yard, how much space you can use, how much the yard slopes, if you have to pour concrete or use a pre-existing decking. All these factors will weigh heavily on how you can make the most of your outdoor kitchen and truly make it your own space. Knowing where you want the outdoor kitchen and how it’s going to be laid out will save you and your designer time and money. 


Patio Kitchens in Palm Beach

Within those considerations, you will also want to speak with your designer and contractors about materials and lighting. Living in balmy Florida, you want to ensure the materials used are going to work well in a high-humidity climate. Along those same lines is determining whether you want your outdoor kitchen enclosed or netted to some degree. With humidity comes bugs, and you’ll want to enjoy your time outside grilling, not swatting away every single bug. And if your party runs into the evening, you may want lighting in your outdoor kitchen in Palm Beach. Your designer can help you with these elements, along with the ideal placement of your appliances. What you have included in your patio kitchen is entirely up to you, and can be the bare minimum or every appliance you may need. Keep in mind that depending on which appliances you go with, hookups and lines will be necessary and may end up determining where you can place certain appliances.  


Best Outdoor Kitchen Set Up

Don’t forget about the seating areas of your outdoor kitchen either. Whether it’s one sitting area or five, you want to ensure the space is comfortable and big enough if you plan on having large crowds. You may want a sitting area near the grill so you can easily talk with friends while cooking, and have a few extra seating areas on the opposite side for a pleasing aesthetic. No matter what, you’re going to need some type of storage space scattered throughout your outdoor kitchen, as you don’t want everything sitting out in the elements, even if it’s enclosed. When you design your patio kitchen how you want it, you will be sure to enjoy it for years and years to come. 


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