Outdoor Kitchen Installation: Which Is The Best Place For One?

Outdoor Kitchen Installation

An outdoor kitchen installation can be quite complex. One thing is for sure and that is, it will be an excellent addition to your home, but it has to be in the right location.

If your family loves to prepare food outdoors, then installing an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic idea.


Which Is The Best Spot For An Outdoor Kitchen Installation?

Finding the perfect spot is vital. You must consider installing a kitchen vent on the outside, and you must also consider a built-in BBQ installation.

Therefore, consider these points before you initiate a kitchen installation outside:


A Shade:

During the process of an outdoor kitchen installation, ensure that it is in a sheltered location, away from elements such as direct sunlight and rain. This also keeps the environment comfortable.


A Level Ground

The ground around the outdoor kitchen should be level. This is perfect for a built-in BBQ installation as it ensures the food cooks evenly.

An experienced outdoor kitchen installation crew understands this and will always check the ground to ensure that it is leveled before any installation is carried out.

Having an uneven surface will also compromise the foundation of your outdoor kitchen.



An outdoor kitchen should be convenient. You must consider the outdoor space and layout so you can carefully identify the most convenient spot for the kitchen. This should also have enough room for guests to move around and enjoy the feasts you shall prepare.

The space should also make it easy for installing a kitchen vent on the outside.



Although you are installing an outdoor kitchen, it must also have close proximity to your existing kitchen, home, and backyard.

Remember that you have to keep moving to-and-from your current kitchen for supplies. It would be quite hectic if it was too far away.



This is extremely necessary. The outdoor kitchen installation should be connected to your plumbing and must therefore be located near the main lines for easy access.

The built-in BBQ installation should also be near the plumbing for easy clean-up and cooking.



Installing an outdoor kitchen will require it to be near the gas and electrical connections. This keeps all of the appliances running. Also, ensure that the kitchen is near the essential utility lines.


Which Directions Should The Outdoor Kitchen Face?

Installing an outdoor kitchen is not just a simple process, and you must also consider which direction it will face. For example, it should face the backyard or any other attractive sceneries in your home.

The flow of the design should be similar to your home, and the installation shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb and destroy the beauty of your space outdoors.


Pro Tip:

Ensure that your built-in BBQ installation is away from active activities in your home or a sporting court. You don’t want to be playing and have the ball bounce over the grill.

If you are looking for the best BBQs for your outdoor kitchen installation, please don’t hesitate to contact the Palm Beach Grill Center. We’ll be glad to serve you.