Why Patio Heaters Are A Must-Have for South Florida Grilling

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Are patio heaters a good idea?

Investing in a patio heater is a great way to extend the entertaining outdoor season any time of the year. Patio heaters are designed to add enough warmth to make staying outdoors comfortable, even when the temperatures are chilly, and for the best products, check out Palm Beach Grill Center.

How Do Patio Heaters Function?

So, when discussing ways to heat your patio, specifically patio heaters, the most important thing to understand is how these patio heaters work. Before purchasing a patio heater, one must understand some essential components, fuels, and temperatures.

Patio heaters are typically classified into three types based on their fuel source:

  • Those that are powered by electricity.
  • Propane fuel.
  • Gaseous natural gas.

Patio Heaters and How They Work

·      Patio Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters get their name because they constantly emit heat in a consistent and even flow. It is unlike a fire, which only heats around a small area. It also heats the air surrounding the heater. Radiant heat can thus spread evenly over large areas.

·      Patio Infrared Heaters

Infrared patio heaters use technology that does not heat the air but only the objects and people it strikes.

When you go outside on a hot day in South Florida and have direct contact with the sun while grilling, you warm up faster than in the shade, where the rays do not directly hit you. It heats your clothes and skin because infrared radiators mimic the sun.

When the propane patio gas heater is turned on, the heat travels up a vertical pipe into the burning chamber. Heat will travel horizontally before dissipating, allowing for more significant temperatures.

·      Propane heaters

These are mounted on the wall; the same is true for wall-mounted propane gas heaters; only the design and efficiency differ slightly. The burning is not captured in a tube but is instead pushed away from the desired space to heat.

·      Heaters that run on electricity

Electric heaters are also more versatile. They can be installed anywhere and are also more easily insulated. In some ways, they are more modern and, in many cases, more practical than older, gas-powered patio heaters.


Where to Get Your Patio Heaters in South Florida

·      Propane outdoor heater for sale in Delray Beach, Florida

An impressive output on the 77-inch tall propane patio heater with a 27-inch reflector, it’s a perfect heat solution for your garden parties and guests while making grill-tasting food. The heater for the outside has a safety auto shut-off that will automatically shut down the heater if the unit is tilted or tipped.

·      Outdoor gas heaters for sale Florida 33484

Outdoor heaters are suitable for backyards and gardens, allowing you and your family to enjoy a fabulous Christmas party. A user-friendly piezo ignition system with a variable heat control knob will make you hassle-free start-up and adjust temperatures on the heater.

It uses a standard 20 lb. propane gas tank that can work for approximately 10 hours in a row.


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