What makes the Napoleon Grill Phantom Series Special?


Barbeques are popular for get-togethers with friends and family. However, grilling meat is the healthiest way of cooking. It gets rid of the excess fat and maintains the nutritional value of your grub. Whether baking, frying, or boiling, the benefits of using a grill to prepare your meat is still unmatched.

At the same time, your grill plays a significant role in the quality of your meal. There is a new trend with exceptional functionality and sleek grills designs taking the world by storm. Most grills may work okay, but a grill is not merely a rack exposed to direct heat.

More interesting is that Napoleon, the Canadian grill maker, gives us a run for our funds with his new Phantom series. As if its matte black finishing is not enough to keep mouths talking, they are available in three models for your selection.

They include Prestige 500, Rogue SE425, and TravelQ Pro grills. They all have unique features. Check out Palm Beach Grill Center, but before that, let’s check out Napoleon Grill Phantom Features.


Napoleon Grill Phantom Features

Just like the previous Rogue and Prestige models, the Napoleon Grill Phantom series has:

A side shelf for folding

A multi-purpose grill rack

Dual-levelled sear plates made of stainless steel

Super-hot infrared side burner to sear meat faster

Accu-Probe for gauging the temperature


  • Napoleon’s 80,000 BTU 

It can grill a total of thirty-one burgers. Imagine that! Moreover, it features a warranty of fifteen years on all the components to assure you of its quality and that it’s a good value for your money.


  • The medium-sized Rogue model 

It is of a 26-burger capacity.

Effortless to clean since it’s made of stainless steel

Improved in terms of its multi-purpose rack

Has infrared side and rear burners

For efficiency and comfort, it comes with backlit knobs for control

Fitted with a detachable warming rack with exceptional cut-outs for hanging chicken drumsticks and roasting veggies

It is attractive with a matte black finish.


  • The $1599 Prestige 

It comes with Night Light control knobs. Are they necessary? The ‘safety glow’ feature lets you know whenever the gas is on or the burner is lit. For increased contact with food and high-heat grilling, there is also an improved thicker surface.


  • The 70,500 BTU Rogue 

It goes for $1149 and features a fifteen-year warranty on all the parts.


  • The TravelQ Pro Phantom 

Our budgets can get tight, and opting for more affordable options may not be a bad idea. This model of $549 will ensure you get a quality grill at an affordable rate with the following features:

  • It is very much portable, making it ideal for camping expeditions.
  • Its warranty lasts ten years
  • It can cook seventeen burgers at once
  • It also has 12,000 BTUs
  • For direct and indirect grilling, it comes with dual burners made of stainless steel.
  • Its warming rack is detachable
  • It comes with an Accu-Probe temperature gauge
  • Features a scissor cart for folding without difficulty
  • It has a porcelainized cast iron cooking grid



Matte black speaks a language of style, functionality, and luxury. The Napoleon Phantom series makes it clear that matte black is not just for posh cars and wristwatches. Probably most products should embrace this makeover.

At the same time, it may be best to purchase the Napoleon Grill Phantom Series from an establishment you can trust. These days the market is full of substandard goods, and the falling victim is not odd. I recommend the Palm Beach Grill Center.


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