Everything You Need to Know About Napoleon Grills

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Spring is just around the corner, and that means outdoor activities are soon going to come back in action. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or just planning on hanging out with friends in your backyard, you need a Napoleon Grill to make your outdoor activities outstanding. If you have a Napoleon Grill, it needs to be working properly. If you’re looking for Napoleon grill parts then don’t worry Palm Beach Grill Center has got you covered. They offer any BBQ grill accessories you would want.


What is a Napoleon Grill?

A napoleon grill is an outdoor cooking appliance that is used for grilling food over high heat. The grill uses indirect heat, which means that there are no direct flames or open flames used on the surface of the grill. The heat is instead sent through a layer of metal or ceramic with holes in it, which causes hot air to rise and cook food placed on top of the grill.


Maintenance Habits To Prolong Lifespan of Your Grill

For everyone who owns a Napoleon Grill, several things can be done to ensure that their gas grill is working properly. We’ll go over some tips here so you know what needs to be done to prolong the lifespan of your gas grill.

Cleaning your grill after use is one of the most important things you should do to maintain your grill. The reason for this is that it helps keep everything in good working order and you can use your grill whenever, without having to repair it each time you want to use it.


If you use your grill every day

Napoleon gas grills are a versatile way to cook. If you use your grill every day, then you should ensure it should be cleaned properly.

Cleaning your grill while it’s still hot is best, but if you forgot about cleaning it, you can preheat it before cleaning. Brush the gates to remove any residue and don’t forget to cover the gates after cleaning them. Also, the drip tray should be cleaned after every 10 cooks. If you grill frequently then you should deep clean it after a couple of months.


If you use your barbecue infrequently

If you use your barbecue infrequently, then you should clean the drip tray at least once every 15 to 20 cooks. The drip tray is located under the grill and catches the grease that drips from the food. It’s a good idea to clean this tray every so often to make sure that the grease doesn’t build up and cause problems with your gas grill.


If you use your grill a few times a year:

Then you should clean it in spring before you start your grilling. Napoleon  Gas Grills run more efficiently and heat more evenly if they have been properly maintained. The maintenance process includes cleaning the grill, using a brush to remove food particles from the surface of the grates, and cleaning out the grease trap. If some of the parts of your grills are not working properly and you’re looking for a Napoleon grill part near me in FL, then Palm Beach Grill Centre is there to help you.

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