Installing An Outdoor Kitchen: How Long Does It Typically Take?

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The length of the building process is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about installing an outdoor kitchen. Construction can affect a lot of things so it is important to know how long it will take.

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How Long Does It Actually Take To Install An Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen installation can take between one and 15 days. The time is dependent on the kitchen’s location, structure (built from scratch), and finishes.

Also if you are thinking about installing a grill in an outdoor kitchen expect it to be professionally assembled in 2 to 4 hours. In addition, renovating your outdoor kitchen should be faster than installing a new outdoor kitchen.


What Is The Timeline of Installing An Outdoor Kitchen?

Different factors can affect both the timeline and costs of an outdoor kitchen installation. Some factors that have a positive impact on these processes include

  • technology,
  • position,
  • well-researched plan,
  • permits,
  • utilities,
  • and simplicity of the layout.

How Placing Can Affect The Installation Process Of An Outdoor Kitchen:

Perimeter Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is usually constructed next to the house. It can share a wall with your house. Most of these kitchens are set up in a place that has flooring and they are also close to the needed utilities.

Since this kitchen is close to your in-door kitchen you can cut costs by failing to install a new sink or getting a new fridge. The outdoor kitchen installation time can take up to one 1day depending on the simplicity of the layout.


Satellite Outdoor Kitchen

On the other hand, this kitchen is constructed to be self-sufficient. They are also usually placed on a landscape. Meaning everything that’s needed for installing this outdoor kitchen needs to be planned.

Most utilities may not be in place and also you might need to get a permit. Since the construction is from the ground up expect to use a lot of money and time.

Roughly installing an outdoor kitchen on a landscape should last for about 3 weeks. A perimeter outdoor kitchen is, therefore, faster to build than a satellite kitchen.


How To Plan An Outdoor Kitchen Installation Project To Reduce Construction Time?

If you plan, expect the outdoor kitchen installation time to be shorter. Planning helps to gather answers to different queries before a project begins. First, you can design an outdoor space with the help of an online application.

Also, it is important to create a budget for your project. Hire a contractor that can work within your budget. Figure out the kind of appliances you’d want to be installed in your kitchen.

Do you need a grill? You can either google or ask your contractor about the best grills for an outdoor kitchen and so on. In addition, there are certain things that you may need to buy before the process of installing an outdoor kitchen begins.

If you have contracted a kitchen installation company you might need to ask them about the things that the construction might need. A few things to buy include screws and nails, stones, cabinetry, chairs, and other accessories.

Moreover, if you are thinking about installing a satellite outdoor kitchen you’ll need to ensure that it is connected to utilities like gas, water, and electricity. Lastly, get a permit for your outdoor kitchen installation. Even a simple perimeter kitchen may need a permit.

Consider visiting your city’s City Building Inspection Department to inquire about the permits needed in installing an outdoor kitchen. Under the permit, you will consider zoning requirements and utilities work.


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