How to Check To See If Your Grill Has a Gas Leak

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Grills come in handy, especially during warm summers where you want to grill up some meat with friends and family, but they can also spell disaster if a grill leak is not detected in advance. Grill safety must be exercised at all times, and while gas grills do not involve too many preparations like charcoal burners, a gas leak test should be done before firing it up.


Here’s How to Check for a Gas Leak

There are many ways of doing a propane leak test, and each of these methods can be utilized for grill safety.


Method 1

Start by inspecting all grill hoses and look for signs of cracking or brittleness, holes, abrasions, and tears. Ensure that all the hoses are connected tightly and that there aren’t any sharp kinks or bends.

Check the exterior part of the gas cylinder for dents, rust, corrosion, punctures, bulges, and any other visual form of identifiable damage. All of these signs may be indicating a leak.

Take the cylinder to the gas supplier after the inspection if you suspect that propane is leaking.

Method 2

The next type of gas leaking test will require a soapy solution. What you do is mix equal parts of liquid detergent and water. Apply this solution. Here are the main steps;

  • Start by ensuring that the valve of the propane tank has been closed.
  • Then using the solution you created, apply a little of it on the closed valve at the point where the gas tank connects.
  • It would be best if you either used a soft sponge or a bottle to apply the soapy water on the hose assembly, including the regulator and the valve.
  • Then, open the propane cylinder’s valve without turning the grill on. This will help pressurize the hose.
  • Then, check the whole line that runs from the gas valve to where the grill attaches, and if there’s a leak, you are likely to see bubbles forming. You may even smell rotten eggs.

If this happens – you see bubbles or smell rotten eggs, then your propane leak test was positive, and you have a leak.

Do not use the grill until the leak has been fixed and the cylinder replaced. Take the propane tank to a repair company to ensure it does not leak at all.

In case the propane leak test was negative, then you are safe, and what you should do is rinse off the soapy liquid using some clean water and leave it to dry.