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Prime rib is a flavorful cut of meat to have for the holidays. It’s quite soft and one of the most expensive foods to purchase. If you want to get the best out of this mouth-watering roast, you’ll need to use the right cooking method, which is grilling. Step up your cooking or smoking game by getting the best grill. If you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen store that offers grills for sale and other kitchen services, Palm Beach Grill Center is your ideal choice. We’re simply the best in Palm Beach County. Want to know about our products and services? Read on to find out more.


Check Out Our Best Grills For Sale

With summer on the way, many people will resort to organizing outdoor events and activities. Of course, most families spend time grilling and relishing the smoking experience. From top-of-the-line grills to patio headers and grill accessories, our outdoor kitchen store has all it takes to make your outdoor event a pleasurable one. Let’s consider some of the best products on the market.

  • Built-in BBQ grill: Ideal for outdoor and modular kitchens, built-in grills come with or without carts. These grills are quite cost-effective and work best for outdoor activities. Elevate your grilling game with a built-in grill.
  • Cart BBQ grills: Built with doors, drawers, or burners, these BBQ grills can easily operate and move around. Due to the additional cabinets, cart BBQ grills are more expensive than the built-in model.
  • Grill accessories: From spatulas to grill brushes, tongs, and searing stations, we have high-quality grill accessories. 


How To Grill Prime Rib

Do you want to learn how to grill the best and tasty prime rib? We’ve put together some tips that will guide you through the grilling process.

  • Get the tools needed: You’ll need tools like a spacious grill area, aluminum foil, efficient meat thermometer, sharp knife, butcher’s string, etc.
  • Trim rib roast: Trimming your roast helps it get well flavored and seasoned. Depending on how you want it trimmed, you can decide to cut the roast or have a butcher help you with the trimming. 
  • Season the rib roast: Salt, olive oil, spice, and herbs are good seasonings for your prime rib. Regardless of the ingredients you choose, coat meat with seasonings so it can get soaked for a more flavorful taste.


Other Tips For Grilling

Grill setup: Typically, drippings are seen on the cooking grate when the prime rib is being grilled. You’ll have little or no control over drippings when you use a gas or charcoal grill.

Cooking time: Based on the recipe, method, and preferred doneness, cooking time varies from 1-3 hours. How do you want your prime rib? Medium, rare, or medium-rare? This will determine the cooking time. With a thermometer, you can measure the right internal temperature for grilling your prime rib.


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