Best Steak I’ve Ever Cooked on a Gas Grill

Best Steak I've Ever Cooked on a Gas Grill

I’ve been grilling steaks for a long time. It’s one of my favorite things to do on the grill. It’s not just about cooking up some delicious meat; it’s also about enjoying your food with friends and family. But what makes one steak better than another? And how do you know if that “special” steak is worth buying? Well, gas grills are best when it comes to cooking a delicious steak. If you’re looking for a grill store near me, Palm Beach Grill Center is here. We have the best gas grill accessories. Contact us today and get one.

Now let’s have a look at how to make the best gas grill steak


Prepping Your Steak Grilling

It is always important to check that your grill is working well before you start anything. If you need BBQ  grills near me, Palm Grill Center will come to your rescue. We have various BBQ grills at an affordable price.

After checking that, every accessory is working well, purchase the steak from a butcher or your local supermarket. Choose a steak with a little fat; fat makes it juicy and tender when your steak is cooked.

Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the steak. You need to make sure that the steak is at the right temperature. A cold steak will take time or might not cook well. Focus on simple cuts like ribeye or strip loin instead of more complicated cuts like tenderloin or filet mignon because they require less flipping and generally cook up faster than other steaks.

Coat both sides of your steak with fine sea salt and sit for one hour before grilling. The salt will remove moisture from inside the meat, which helps it stay juicy when cooked over high heat. If you don’t have time for this step, try sprinkling some coarse ground black pepper over both sides before cooking. You will also need to coat both sides of your steak with avocado oil; it will help your steak to cook well and make it tender. Avocado oil is also good for your health.


Prepping Gas Grill

To get started, you’ll need to clean your grill. Use a wire brush to scrub it down and ensure no lingering food particles or debris on the grates. Once you’ve cleaned it, preheat your gas grill for at least 15 minutes before cooking any food. Using grill tongs, you will also need to grease the grates with avocado oil. Now you’re ready for steak grilling.


Grilling the Steak

Grilling the steak is easy, but you’ll want to pay attention to the doneness of your meat. You can use a meat thermometer to measure the internal temperature.

Some people prefer their steak to be medium rare, while others want it well done. If you like your steak to be rare or medium-rare, stop grilling once the internal temperature of the meat reaches 135 degrees Celsius (or 5 minutes on each side). But prepare your steak to medium well; remove your meat when it reaches a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius. It is best to cook your steak for 10-15 minutes.

When cooking your steak, make sure that you cook it evenly and not too quickly. If you’re looking for BBQ grills near me, then we are always there for you. We have all brands to choose from; contact us for more information.

We hope you found the information here helpful, and we’d love to hear what you think of it. If you’re looking for a Grill store near me, then Palm Beach Grill Center is here to help you. We have the best grills in South Florida. Contact us today and get your grill accessories.