Green Egg Smoker Grill. Here Are Some Of Its Features

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What is the Big Green Egg Grill?

A versatile charcoal grill that functions as a grill, oven, and smoker. It is called the Green egg Smoker grill as it is green and egg-shaped.

For the perfect grilling experience consider getting the egg smoker as it is user-friendly and it Cooks food to perfection. It is perfect for outdoor cooking.

Your meat will be grilled to perfection with a smokey tasty flavor as food cooked on this grill is always tasty.

Mark Allwood, a market analyst said that the Big Green Egg grill was the only known kamado grill for many years.

But currently, we have many other kamado grills such as Pit Boss, Kamado Joe, the Weber Grill, and Egg Smoker is among them.

The Green egg grill is designed to maintain low temp for a long time, this facilitates slow cooking and it has blazing fire for searing steaks, pork chops, or burgers.

5 Best Features of the Egg Smoker:

  1. It is Quick and Easy To Light

Lighting any charcoal grill is not an easy job as it always requires patience, knowledge, and more work as compared to the gas grills. But the Green Egg Grill has a unique design and its parts are removable hence it’s easier to work with.

  1. Has a Precise Temperature Control

Regulating heat while cooking with charcoal is difficult. But the Egg Smoker has a patented airflow system and a calibrated temperature gauge that gives you complete control of temperature.

These temperatures are favorable for grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking. It also has a metal top that helps in controlling airflow via the cooking chamber.

The Green Egg Grill is better than other kamado grills in temperature control and accuracy.

  1. Safe to Use

Unlike your traditional metal charcoal grills, it is extremely safe to use, as its ceramic surfaces don’t heat up during cooking. Meaning touching it won’t scar your hands.

Also, heat is protected within the ceramic box located in the base. These two factors make the grill safe to handle.

  1. It’s Easy to Clean up

Ashes from any metal charcoal grill are messy. This Big Green Egg Grill has a stainless-steel cooking grid that is easy to lift and disposing of ash becomes easier.

It also has an elegant green exterior that’s good-looking for a lifetime glaze and is easy to wipe. The Egg Smoker acts like a self-cleaning oven as it has residual heat that burns grease build-up as it works.

  1. Has Patented Technology

The grills’ patented components and state of art ceramic technology used for insulation, material strength, and thermal shock tolerance make it the best kamado Grill among the rest.

The ceramic used doesn’t crack and the quality doesn’t deteriorate over time simply means it can be used for so many years before it finally breaks down.

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