Gas Grill Valve Replacement: How To Repair A Gas Grill Valve

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Gas grill valve replacement can be done at home. However, if you encounter any problems feel free to contact Palm Beach Grill Center for the best gas grill knob replacement services. Before we get to the steps of replacing your BBQ gas valve.


What Is A Gas Control Valve?

A gas grill valve knob is used to supply and regulate the flow of gas to the burner. This valve has a spring locking feature that locks into place when the valve knob is in the off position. When turning on the grill the control knob has to be pushed in to depress the valve to release the supply.

A BBQ gas valve knob should turn to depress and pop up freely. If the knob is a bit sluggish, remove it and spray a small amount of silicone spray or a similar lubricant onto the stem of the valve. Work the knob a few times to evenly distribute the lubricant. If the valve is bonded severely it should be replaced.

If you need help with gas grill valve replacement please contact Palm Beach Grill Center for the best repair services. We are a renowned grill manufacturer offering a wide range of grill services from BBQ grill cleaning and repair to propane tank refill and exchange.


What Is An Orifice?

The orifice is an integral part of a gas grill. It works hand in hand with the gas grill valve knob to regulate the amount of gas that is delivered to the burner. The orifice (gas jet) can be removed for cleaning.

Spiders like spinning webs inside the orifices which restricts gas flow. Also, debris can clog up these tiny holes. During cleaning be cautious not to scratch or damage the jet holes.

Also, during cleaning don’t turn on the grill if the orifice is not in place. This might lead to a dangerous fire hazard.


Guidelines On How To Maintain A Gas Grill Valve Knob:

  • Ensure that the hose connection near the valve is tight. You can use soapy water to confirm this.
  • Separate the hex head from the orifices Gas Jets using the right size of wrench then completely clean the holes.
  • Through the gas, jets check the inner part of the valve.
  • Use a toothpick or a small piece of wire to remove webs and debris.
  • After cleaning reinstall the orifices GAS JETS and tighten
  • You can again check for leaks using soapy water.

Repair Parts

Gas grill valve replacement is necessary when the control valves are either broken or frozen. Depending on your grill type you might have to replace individual parts or the entire set. However individual replacement parts for a grill igniter knob are not always available.


Gas Grill Valve Replacement

Step one: before beginning to replace the gas grill valve knob, close your propane tank by turning it clockwise. Then detach the regulator from the propane gas.

Step two: pull the grill igniter knobs straight out. The knobs should slide out easily leaving the valve stem and adjustment screw exposed.

Step three: is to remove the control panel. Do it carefully to avoid pulling and damaging wires. After the control panel is off the valves remain exposed.

Step four: now the valves have to detach from the manifold. You’ll do this by unscrewing the clip that holds the valve to the manifold.

Step five: when the clip is off you can now remove the old BBQ gas valve and replace it with a new one.


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