What Is The Average Cost To Build An Outdoor Kitchen?

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In the recent past, back door opens have redefined leisure and entertainment. It’s no surprise that many would happily replace holiday getaways with the comfort of their own paradise.

Wondering if the outdoor kitchen is for you? Then answering a few questions may get you in touch with the perfect answer. Love cooking and trying new recipes? Or can’t get enough backyard entertainment?

Outdoor kitchens not only add extra entertainment space but also increase your home value by 130%. Looking for a cost-effective and practical solution? Palm Beach Grill Center specializes in built-in grills for sale near Delray Beach, Fl 33484. Go the extra mile with the drop-in sink for sale near 33484.


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If you like putting your culinary skills to the test, you probably have a grill in the yard. Still, the outdoor kitchen is more than a mere grilling station. Outdoor kitchens can incorporate a grill if you like, but it’s not compulsory. Not everyone likes to cook as much as they like the tasty part of the process.

Generally, an outdoor kitchen should include an oven, range top, built-in cabinets with counter space, an underground fridge, and, if possible, an ice maker. The rest is up to your lifestyle, preference, and imagination, from patio furniture and a Keg/Beer keg cooler for sale in Delray Beach, FL 33484, to a wine rack and TV. Fortunately, most backyards can house an outdoor kitchen. It can be incorporated into the deck or patio or built from the ground up.

So, how much does building an outdoor kitchen cost? Let’s break it down.


The Average Cost Of A Customized Kitchen In Your Yard With Or Without The Drop-In Sink For Sale Near 33484

An open-air kitchen is often an exciting addition, but it doesn’t come cheap. And there is a good reason. Think of it this way; it’s almost like taking your indoor kitchen outside. Therefore, it may cost as much or even more when you add the cost of structural components like roofing. You can start your budget at $10,000 at the least for a basic model. There are limitless customization options. Those who don’t mind some extravagance can opt for a high-end grill unit that costs $10,000 to $15000 on its own. It’s worth every dollar if you are attracted to the outdoors and wish to spend tons of time.


Building The Open Air Kitchen From Scratch

First, it is crucial to consider your outdoor kitchen’s purpose. Is it for casual entertainment, family or friend gatherings, or house parties? It affects the design.

  • Conception stage

This is where you can introduce a design you saw and liked or take hints from previous designs made by the company of your choice. By moving a few pieces here and there, you can make known how you’d like your kitchen to look.

  • Designing stage

The design stage may take approximately four to six weeks. This incorporates finalizing the large and small details of the design, including choosing countertops, appliances, and other elements of the project.

  • Building phase

It begins once the project and quote have been approved. The time taken depends on the particular project; the more intricate details, the longer it may take. Typically, this can last anywhere between three to six weeks.

Outdoor kitchens have transformed the landscaping scene unapologetically. They could use cost-effective and practical built-in grills for sale near Delray Beach, FL 33484, and the drop-in sink for sale near 33484. Either way, customizing your kitchen to meet your comfort and lifestyle needs is crucial. Palm Beach Grill Center has a highly experienced team that can help you build your kitchen from scratch to meet your personality and decor theme. Contact us today for a quote and transform your grilling station into a one-of-a-kind!