Grill Innovations 2022 | Taking Your Grilling Experience to the Next Level

Where Can I Find The Best Alfresco Grills?

The best outdoor grills offer a timeless activity and a favorite way to cook almost anything. Now, just because the primitive way of roasting meat over an open flame is still popular, it doesn’t mean that things have to stay that way.

In today’s world, technologies, techniques, and accessories keep changing. The grill world has not been left behind, and the classic charcoal grill or Traeger smoker has evolved into new and exciting gadgets that can completely transform your grilling experience.


Here are Some of the Latest Grill Innovations for 2022

The Looftlighter

Lighting a gas grill or even a charcoal grill will require a flame. Traditionally, a match and stick would do, but no one enjoys striking a match anymore. Not when new and exciting lighters are being developed daily! The Looftlighter is the latest craze in flame ignition, a handheld device used to ignite a fire.

It can work on everything, even your stove, charcoal, and briquettes. In just 60 seconds, this new device will create superheated air.

However, you will require an electric outlet to use it, but it has a 9-foot cord for flexibility. Also, it has an integrated bottle cap opener that can double up as a great way to light a fire in cooler weather.


The Meater+

There’s no worse cookout faux pas when grilling than having torched dogs and burgers. Now, this will no longer be a problem because the new Meater+ is a wireless meat thermometer that will send you notifications on your phone when your meat and burgers are ready. This is quite convenient.


New Weber Grill

Weber has released some new and innovative new Weber grills 2022 known as the Weber SmokeFire. These are worth checking if you are in the market for a new grill.

You can never go wrong with weber outdoor grills. Not only do they handle scorching high temps, but they never miss a beat and promise to provide the best BBQ food.


Camp Chef XXL

Outdoor cooking has never gotten better. The latest version of the popular Woodwind Wi-Fi series of pellet grills offers you some of the most versatile and outdoor cooking setups of all time.

The XXL chef pellet grill smoker comes equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and an updated controller. It is also worth pointing out that it has four meat racks, a sausage rack with 12-hooks, and three jerky racks.

Using this pellet grill, you can cook sausage, smoke jerky, pork shoulders, and many other cuts all in one place.

It also has an intelligent smoke technology and temperature control that means you do not have to babysit your food while it cooks, as these features will inform you when your food is ready.