BBQ Smoker Grills: How Hard Is It To Use A BBQ Smoker Grill?

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Not that hard. You just need to know what to do!

BBQ smoker grills are also known as horizontal smokers, offset barrel smokers or pipe smokers. A smoker grill affords the griller maximum control over the meat smoking process.

However, it is a bit complex to use and for great results, you have to learn how to operate it.  Although a charcoal smoker grill or wood smoker grills are a little hard to operate, they make the best and most flavourful homemade meals.


Here’s A Simple Guide On How To Use BBQ Smoker Grills:

Always Set Up Two Temperature Probes

The temperature of BBQ smoker grills can be set between 200-275F depending on what’s being cooked. To ensure that your smoker grills temperature is stable you’ll need to keep an eye on it.

Most smoker grills have built-in thermometers but most of them tend to be faulty. Therefore it is wise to purchase a good thermometer to help in tracking accurate temperature fluctuations as airflow is adjusted, coals burn down and fuel is added.


Light The Charcoal

When you are ready to cook your meat, fire up your wood smoker grill or charcoal smoker grill. Also, ensure that your meat is cold as it will absorb the smoke better. The first thing is to light up charcoal in the chimney starter until it starts to ash over. This should take about 14 to 15 minutes.


Open The Intake And Chimney Baffles & Add Lit Coals

Oxygen is among the fuels that BBQ smoker grills need to create heat. So to control the grill’s temperature you have to regulate the oxygen intake through the vents. The best smoker grills have an intake baffle (near the firebox) and a chimney baffle ( chimney).

First, open the two baffles and place coal into the firebox of the grill. Then you should wait until the grill hits up to your desired temperature. After the temperature is set(224°F -250°F place your meat into your charcoal smoker grill. Also to avoid temperature fluctuations ensure that the firebox and smoker doors are closed.


Maintain Your Temperature

At this point, the intake baffle has to be adjusted to help with heat control. You will need to gradually close it halfway or more until the grill’s temperature stabilizes(225°F-250°F).

Also, ensure your chimney baffle is wide open. As the coals fade away the temperature of your grill smoker will drop. So when this happens, replenish it using full-lit coals from its chimney starter.


Add Wood Chunks

There are different kinds of wood chips like hardwoods, fruitwoods, and nut woods. These wood chunks burn well and deliver the best flavors. Also, it is recommendable to use large wood chunks because they tend to smolder slowly and consistently.

In addition, the chunks don’t have to be soaked before they are added to the coals. This might tamp down the coals.


Add Moisture To The Smoke

To ensure that the barbeque absorbs the delicious smoky flavor moisture needs to be added to the meat and smoke. To do this place a metal rack above the coals in the firebox.

Then place a water pan on the grill grate or you can spritz the meat with some water or apple juice. This will ensure the meat stays juicy and also helps in absorbing smoke.


Give It Time

Remember real barbeque needs time to cook perfectly. Ensure you provide enough time to slow smoke the meat to tenderness.

Cooking time will vary depending on temperature, the type of grill smoker, and the type of meat you are using. Ensure that each large chunk of meat takes about one or one and a half hours to cook.


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